f/8 DoF Calculator App Reviews

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Misleading Product Description and Non Existant Customer Service

F/8s product description led me to believe I was purchasing an APPlication that would add f/stop and shutter speed controls to my iPhone camera. However, this product is only viable for calculation of f/stop and shutter speed for a broad range of digital camera makes and models. Bitwerkz, never responded to my email which described the confusing product description, nor did they provide any explanation to why they could not refund my purchase. ***HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE*** and ***MEDIOCRE PRODUCT*** ***DO NOT PURCHASE*** PS: I have worked in Film and Photo Production and Advertising for 12 years, and have a BA in Fine Art from FIU.

Very nice!

I like the lay out and ease of use. This is a great tool for certain photographic situations.

dont see any different

anyone know how to use this application wuold u be kind and showing how it works

Good app with great potential

This app is easy to use, and works well for helping with composing landscapes. I wish that it went to smaller apertures (such as f/32) for some of my kit lenses. It would also be nice to be able to select from a database of lenses, or be able to input more lens properties.

Extremely well thought out UI

I was previously using a laminated dof/hyperfocal chart for my 1.6x crop factor digital SLR. When I recently upgraded to a full-frame SLR, I realized I needed a new chart. Fortunately I thought to check the app store for a dof calculator. This app was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and is much, much easier to use in practice than a chart. No mental gymnastics: just tell the app what body, lens, and zoom you are using and then fiddle with the aperture and focus point sliders until you get the hyperfocal point and dof you desire. This UI was clearly designed by a photographer. Very, very nice, and even a couple bucks cheaper than the nice little chart I was using!

Dont buy

I am a A list photographer... This is not what it clams or will give you what a f/8 lens will do. It confused me and I own high end bodies and lens.

The app has potential...

Unfortunately, it has too many bugs an falls short. Dont bother programming in your prime lenses, as the app wont let you adjust the aperture with fixed focal length lenses... for some reason, after I added a prime lens, I ended up with the same problem on all of my other lenses... I currently have 2 DSLR bodies programmed in, along with 2 16mm cine cams and 3 hdv cameras, and none of them calculate properly when paired with any lens since I added my 50mm prime lens... a huge disappointment for 4 bucks, but once this is fixed its so worth the money!

One Uniquely awesome feature, a few bad ones.

This app needs a more precise way to enter exact figures for distance and f-stop. THIS APP IS INCOMPLETE without the ability to type in distances. As a Director of Photography, my camera operators measure and log exact distances. Having to scroll tediously to get calculations with these numbers is counterintuitive, wastes time, and takes my focus away from the shot. The sliders are good when you can change camera settings or subject distance for your shot to get the depth you want. But in cinematography, when you cannot always adjust the f-stop or move the camera, you just need to know what you have to work with. When this happens, the sliders get in the way, as the distance and f-stop are fixed. This is why truly professional applications have multiple ways of entering the same information; each method helps with a different paradigm of thought. That being said, the camera bag functionality is unique to this app. Its a fantastic feature; one that is true to how photographers and DPs work.

Good potential with a fatal flaw

This app would be worth 4 or maybe even 5 stars if it werent for the slider controls used to enter focus distance and aperture. Not only are they hard to move accurately but most of the time they just wont move at all. If I had my way, these things would be banned from any app that requires even minimal precision. If this had roller wheels to set the distance and aperture, I think Id really like it but as it is, its pretty useless. I only gave it 2 stars for potential. Goodbye $3.99.


I think I have the f/8 all figured out except on thing. What is the lin / log in the lower right hand corner fo the window showing all of the data? I can not see where it does anything, but would like to know what is for. Tom

HFD no longer accurate.

The hyper-focal distance no longer calculates properly. I liked the app before, but now it is much less useful.

Too many user interface defects

I like the way you define your camera bag contents (cameras and lenses) to make it easy to pick the ones to do calculations for. For each lens you enter the focal length, max apperture and min focus distance. Select your camera and lens from you bag then go to the home page to calculat DOF. But with the units set to Meters the closest distance I can set is 4 meters. To set to anything less I have to change the units to CM and then change it back. It should not be this hard. I have one lens that opens to f/1.2 and I setup the lens for this apperture in the bag but it will not let me set the apperture to less than f/1.3. DOF is critical at this wide apperture - it is unacceptable to not let me set the right appature. I will not be able to use this program. I wish I could get my money back.

Dont buy software cameras way out of date

Doesnt even have the canon 500d which has been on market over a year. Also no info on abbreviations. Dont waste your $4 buy something cheaper

Good App - Nice Design - needs a tiny bit of polish...

This is a good app if slightly overpriced compared to the competition. Watch out when scrolling a page as the variable sliders seem to attract focus and you end up moving one of them instead of the page... Extremely annoying to say the least... Also I would have preferred a smaller font size and a more compact outlay and design in the main window in order to fit in all the info without having to scroll - The Hyperfocal Distance is at the bottom of the page and its a pain to have to scroll down to it - have a slider catch your finger swipe - readjust slider - and scroll down again... So Mr Developer could we have 1 swipe fix and 1 refined outlay in next update please ?


Very handy. Does exactly what its supposed to do. Use it often in the field.

Works as advertised

One of my most used apps. Easy to use, accurate, and has a comprehensive menu of bodies and lenses.

When the app crashes all lens/camera information is gone

I bought the app, bought both of the add-ons successfully, added my camera and six lenses. The app then crashed. When it reopened it was reset to defaults without my custom camera or any of my lenses.

Two major defects

This product has two major defects: First, the distances are only in the metric system, and for us provincials, the conversion, particularly for near objects, is more difficult than it should be; Second, and more importantantly, the near focussing distance is 4 meters, which is much too far for serious landscape photography, where a near object, within a foot or two of the lens, is very important to the composition.

Near focusing

At the bottom of the main screen, toggle between cm and m. If you do so, youll see one can specify a near focus distance of 38 cm (about 15 inches).


Easy convenient